David’s commitment to his clients, high level of expertise and motivational skills are exceptional. This combined with his impeccable customer service, extensive knowledge, business and organisational skills make David unequivocally a massive asset to the education, health and fitness industry.

Jonathan Goodair
Personal Trainer for Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett , Stella McCartney and many more.


DS by David Samuyiwa have done an excellent job in the fall of 2011 with ÖIS football A team. He has a very professionally and accurately performed, both physical and mental exercises which led to ÖIS results on the football quickly improved after that David worked with the team. I can warmly recommend others to use David’s knowledge and his passion and desire to make a difference is something that really does just the difference of teams and athletes such as ÖIS!

David Leinar
Team Captain ÖIS Fotball Team


Apart from David’s extensive knowledge, professionalism and commitment to transforming your body with his diverse creative training methods, he is easy going, wonderfully friendly, interesting and interested person. I think he is just fab

Beverly Williams
One of the world’s most famous and successful interior designer. Has among other things worked on projects for the Royal families and various celebrities.


David has worked with me as a personal trainer for over two years. I have always found him to be extremely professional and attentive. He is also a very personable and gregarious man who obviously has good relationships with many of his other clients and business partners. I would personally recommend him to you as a conscientious and serious professional.

David Morgan-Hewitt
Managing Director at The Goring; One of Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family’s favorite Hotel.


The training with David gives positive effects in body and soul!

Jenny Berggren
Former Lead Singer in Ace of Base, Solo Artist and Writer


What I like most about Monica is that she doesn’t make me feel like one more client, but she’s engaged and wants to make every one of us reach our own individual goal. I look forward to achieving the goals that we’ve set together and plan to keep working with Monica in the future. I can warmly recommend her because, regardless your goal, she’s going to makje sure that you get the tools you need.

Maryam Buyuksal
Deputy Manager Zara Arkaden, Göteborg.


Monica is very devoted to her work as PT and site manager at Elite PT Center in Sisjön. She shows big commitment to their customers. She is creative and professional as well as kind and interested. She has helped me find the motivation to start training again after a long break, and has provided me with a fun, motivating and individualized prohram. I look forward to continuing training under Monica’s supervision.

Margareta Brandt-Gertmo
Retired nurse


”I booked an hour with PT Monica Fernandez, and it was the best and hardest training that I’ve had in years. I am an athlete and I finally found a place up to my expectations. Definitely recommend”.

Dario Tosi
BJJ fighter, during his training for SM 2018 (Swedish Championship in BJJ)


”Monica is an incredibly good  PT! She really pushes me to my limits and makes me deliver more than I thought was possible!”

Johanna Fager Carlsson
Highschool teacher


”I can warmly recommend PT Monica Fernandez! She makes you work every muscle of your body, even those I didn’t even know existed! Super satisfied! I’ve bought a whole program and I’m looking forward to my new lifestyle!



”David is a very good teacher, i always have a hard time too learn things in school.
David make it interesting too listen and i wanted too learn more and I could keep up the concentration the all day long, the lessons always felt alive all the time.
I can highly recommend David as a teacher.”



”David is a real pro and he is perfect for the role of coach. After my training, he contacted me and asked me how it went, it’s something I really put value in. Even today, with my clients, I hear his words back in my head. A true inspiration”

Peter Malmros


Hi !
Well I don’t know if the English language have enough good words… When you stood in front of the class I felt we were unstoppable and could jump over houses. You were giving us hope and motivation and made us belive in the future. I wish we could have you as a teacher every day of our education.

You are the best ! You rock ! You are The Man !
Love and hugs


Susanne Leander


I reference that David Samuyiwa is a professional PT teacher. I have learned how to master my training in every area such as being able to control my focus, increase my motivation in the area of sport and life. Thus, I would like to transfor this experience that I have gained from my PT and being able to teach it to others.

As a student I have learned that being positive effects our life and nothing is impossible if we really put work on it.

I am a positive person, that always tries to surround myself with good people, so by being able to be a good PT you have to be a very positive and open minded person. For example when I first met David as a PT teacher I saw him as my motivation teacher.

I was always looking forward to find a person to motivate me in life, and show me the complexity/ challenging steps ways of living.

When the days passed, I learned more and more about how to bring a positive change in humans life, and help them to grow with a positive attitude. Now I am a strong believer and nothing is impossible for me, because I have a positive mind that I can achieve anything with it.

At the end I would like to thanks David as his student that teached me the right ways of living and I am glad that I can transfer this positivevity as a PT further to others.

Best of regards,

Khalid Rasouli


My name is Björn and I was a Student att David Samuyiwa. Im writing this reference letter because I not only see David as my teacher but as a mentor as well. During our time together, David make sure that I got all the information needed to understand the ”matrix”, if you will, knowing the importance of stance knowledge, know how and above all, knowing how to apply that knowledge. David is a well rounded person but he is also humble. He is hustler in the sense that he´s focus and does what it takes to complete his goals to go further. I honestly have to say that in all my years I have come in contact with many people, different cultures, different histories, a great gap between ages and among them I meet David who is for me the one of few that has that broader view of the world, the dynamic to see between the lines and beyond boxes. He is definitely a great teacher. I definitely stepped up my game, me knowledge bank, if you will, I recommend him for sure.


Best regards,
Björn K. C. Johansson


With David as my course teacher I felt very secure that I was going to pass, he has a way of teaching that really engages peoples in a very productive way. 10 out of 10!

Pontus Sundberg
Certified Personal Trainer at Nordic Wellness, Järntorget



I think You Are a very good teacher! You speak Well and You got us all to listen to You. You Are very inspiring to, You told us the hard truth about this buisness, but still managed to make me even more motivated after hearing it. You made us all feel like we could do this, even if it will be hard from time to time. I remember i had alot of questions where i questioned you but your answers always made me shut up, and that is not usual 😉 You also told us alot about your own life, wich made us believe even more in what you said and gained our respect!



While I was on my PT class, i felt some strange feeling, some positive energy and after that David Samuyiwa walked in with his friend. He was just observing us and the teacher who was speaking. I was impressed how can someone release that amount of energy! later he started leading the class. He was speaking about marketing and about attributes that PT must have. Before that i thought that I knew a lot about PT but he opened my eyes! He motivated me for every aspect of my life with his speech. His lesson didn’t just teach me how to be a good PT, I learned how to be a better person and form my attitude. I learned what is my biggest strength and how to use it. Now I am living the way he taught me, I can feel the difference and improvement of my mental strength.
Every human being should have some person like David as a friend, and for the PTs he should be definitely the best choice for mentoring! Thanks David Samuyiwa!

Nemanja Nedovic


David was my teacher for a personal training course in 2016, Not only was he one of the best teachers I have encountered but I also felt that we finished the course as friends.
As a short example, I ruptured my Achilles tendon during said course and my head had dropped somewhat. David was the first person to call me while I was at the hospital, he stayed on the phone with me for some time and managed to not only cheer me up but to make me look to the future with a smile. David constantly checked in on me during a rough time and was always available to talk. Something of which I am truly grateful.
David has shown many great qualities over the time I have known him, he is compassionate, good listener, kindness, sense of humour and his knowledge to name few. The list is endless.

Yours sincerely,

Kyle Copping


What can I tell about David? He’s a great teacher, motivator, speaker with big influence on peoples lives. When he walks in the room you can feel some good, healthy energy and vibes combined with serenity and wisdom.
When you listen to him you feel like you can do anything if you only want it. It was my big pleasure to meet him here in Montenegro, to be his student. He taught me that everything is in the mind, and what you think you become. And today I’m a personal trainer thanks to him. He changed my life.

Aleksandra Rasovic,


Few months ago I joined a course for personal trainer. From beginning everyone was saying that our teacher is great but I need to wait to see David. I myself was wondering why that David is so amazing (as everyone was talking), but when I met him I realised that they were right.
A man with charisma, positive attitude, someone who is confident, hard-working, and beyond all, a man who is willing to give all his knowledge to us-students.
That is a teacher whose lectures I would listen to for hours. There are so many things about training, life and everything that people could learn from him. His lessons and examples were so inspiring and he is so supporting. I wish I had more teachers like him.

Nina Rasovic


My name is Boban Cukovic and I want to speak about my teacher, trainer, and my good friend David Samuyiwa.
David is professional in his work. He knows the best way to transfer knowledge onto students.
He knows how to show students how to thrive in business.
I learned a lot from him, and I am grateful to him for that.
Great teacher, coach, leader, visionary soldier and most importantly a good man.
All praise for my fitness guru.

Boban Cukovic


I had David Samuyiva as teacher on my course to become a personal trainer. I lost a daughter a few years back and had a life crisis for years. I had not been able to work and from time to time, I have been hospitalized.
It felt like that it was my last chance to get my life back on track to complete the education and the last days before school began I was terrified.
On the way to my first day I actually felt sick and nearly didn`t go because of fear. I am so glad I did!!!!!
David made me feel safe and made me know I could do what was needed from me. He was clear about the hard work that was needed and that it woud not be easy. He made learning such a fun, challenging , evolving and educational experince.
He made everything easy to grasp and I felt safe knowing what I would have to do and know to complete my course.
If I would have had another teacher at the start of my education and journey I might not have completed the course, especially using the last year before as an inducation I would probably have failed.
Without any reservations I gladly give David the biggest recomendation I possibly can.

 Daniel Hansson


As a professor of sports and physical education I can say that I’m glad to have David as my mentor. At first I had no impression, but after a quick speak I knew that I have a chance to learn something that I need. A good athlete with patience and the ability to selflessly transmit knowledge. Overall, a good mentor, motivation speaker, definitly a rolemodel and a friend. Thanks Dave 🙂

Haris Jusufovic


For me having David as a teacher has been great. His knowlege and life experience is really inspiring, hours feels like minutes when you listen to him and it motivates you to do and be your best always.
If I need advice, it’s David I turn to cause I do trust his opinion.

/Desirée Nordström


I can say that there is not a word with which to describe the satisfaction that I felt as I listened to your presentation and also a great honor because I met you. You are a great professional and also someone whose hard work and efforts have helped the fitness industry progress even more in the world! Your every word we absorbed, primarily because we know that you are a big name in the world of fitness, of course, deserved!
As a professor, you are phenomenal and so many useful things you advised us that are now of great benefit, you are a great motivation for us.
You have uploaded us a lot of positive energy in the right way!
I hope we see you soon and that I again have the honor to attend some of your lectures. Education! Practice! Discipline! Always positive mind !!!
Many thanks David for everything, because you are really great man, an excellent teacher, a true friend! My huge honor was I’ve learned so many things in a short time from you!
Greetings to my good friend !!!

Balsa Martinovic


Hello my teacher.
I just want to write small text , about a big man. First, you are a good man David and best teacher.Before you, i didn’t see too much positive things, but you are professional and you opened my eyes for everything good. God bless you. I learned from you many things and for me you are the teacher No. 1 ! Thank you for everything my friend – teacher. See you soon!

Boris Mujović


”David was able to create a good relationship among students, during, and after the course. His knowledge in fitness, and other sports makes him a complete professional. Able to introduce a much greater overall knowledge in the subject.

In a friendly environment we were able to absorb information theoretically and practically.”

Ronnie Lopes


Hey bro! Hope you are good!

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for believing in me from the first day.

Thank you for giving me the book Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill.

And introducing me to Anthony Robbins.

I really appreciate everything you have done even though sometimes I haven’t shown you how much I appreciate it!

The biggest change I have made in my life was when I first stept in to your DS class and you showed me the way to achieve my goals and that anything is possible if we just believe in our selfs and take massive action. And thanks to using those principles you teached me I realized a lot of my goals and are still doing and developing my self each day!

Thanks to that change I can now motivate and show other people the way to change their life’s and I have a totally changed way of seeing the world and different opportunities!

Thanks to you I am today a:

Business owner
Loving friend
And soon a good husband.

Thank you so much! It means the world to me! ❤️🙌

mohammad ghreeb


It was a very good experiment to have a personal training course in the Davids school. I learned so many things new about the the training and the technic, despite of my long experience in the training industry. I feel that I am really a personal trainer after this course . I become more confidence of my self and this course make me more knowledgeable about the right sources of training. The team that I was working with were great and helpfully. I told my friends about the course and I recommended them to get it, two of them are excited to get it when they get the chance. I really want to thank the leader team which give us a new consideration about the training, especially David, he give us a great information about the training, confidence and courage.

Frederico Aronius


I had a good experience with you as a teacher, you were very engaged, inspiring and a good motivator.
You told us a straight forward attitude towards the job as a PT, which I really appreciated.
Also that you focused on the mental perspective and change of lifestyle instead of just the physical and visual part.

With that said, I found that you are good with the I and I, Influence and Impact, which had a really positive effect on me.

Have a great day!

Rasmus Lindell


Instructive, fun, interesting, challenging and very intense training. I recommend it to anyone who would like to work with health and training. Teachers inspire and teach in a way that makes it both fun and easy to understand. David has a long experience in this industry, and it really shows in the classroom. The things that are raised, really feels relevant and instructive in many other ways than just the profession of PT. I got a job immediately after the course and have received extremely good feedback from the gym I work at and obviously satisfied clients.

Kajsa Phalen


Väldigt grundlig och omfattande i framförandet. Pedagogiskt förklarande, lätt att förstå dig. Du är ödmjuk vilket ger förtroende hos dina elever. Ingen aspekt av branchen har gått missad. Tack för möjligheterna du visat att vi kan nå.

Rickard Junior Andersson


I think the three day I spend in DS school was great, I get a new experience and new information.
Hopefully this info will be the key for me to start a new life.
Best regards



Jag vill ge dig feedback på de senaste dagarna!

Jag tycker att du är väldigt tydlig med det du vill förmedla, vilket är jättebra. Du krånglar inte till undervisningen utan är väldigt lättförståelig.

Du utstrålar mycket energi, kunskap och erfarenhet vilket jag ser upp till. Du brinner för det du gör och jag hoppas att jag kommer kunna jobba som pt länge genom att gå denna utbildning!

Med vänlig hälsning,



Thanks for teaching me about how the market works and expanding my view on it

Due to im working in private life as a instructor in martial arts, a lot of things about how you meet and greet people but also how to push others were logical, but from Davids side to, he taught me the way he sees it, so i did gather more information, which I am grateful for!

It is always fun to hear through the experience of others,  the way he talked you really got the picture in front of you.

Humbled and a nice person and takes his time to answer your questions.
Also the way he talks and act, one can tell he knows his stuff.

Thanks and cheers mate

Now its up to me to try my own wings



Dessa tre dagarna, har du lärt mig vilka kunskaper jag behöver som en ledare inom PT rollen.
Hur jag ska va, när och vart.

Leon Mattia


De delar vi haft med dig har varit enormt givande! Jag har lärt mig massor om rollen och tänket kring arbetet som PT. Du är tydlig och konkret och ger mycket av dig själv och din kunskap och har tålamod med oss alla.

Tack för allt!

Åsa Edfast


I thought the course was well divided withing the time frame, alot of thing for new people to take in if they dont have previous knowledge but it was done i an pedagogical and inspiering way. First of all free interaction in the class gave oportunity to alot of intresting questions and share of knowledge. also i like to point out that it was very good connection you made to us as students and met óur individual needs. lastly but not the least it was a very good and very profound way to revisit and also learn new thing about trining and fittnes. i look forward for future classes with you. truly inspired



Truly a great teacher. David is easy going and has a talent of making people feel comfortable. His approuch to teaching is not only effective but fun and encourages people to speak up. I am very happy with the course in it self as well as Davids teaching abilities. Thank you for a great time and all the great insides that you shared with all of us.

Muhamed Lapastica


My name is Julien Combes and I followed the curses leading by David in February 2018. With a natural simplicity he gave us all the knowledges and tools we need to become a successful PT. His speech was extremely clear and illustrated with highly relevant exemples ; we could feel all the experiences behind it. His self-determination was a big motivation and inspiration. I would recommend David for everyone who wants to know/learn what being a PT means in 2018.



Hej David. Tack så mycket för kursen! Den har varigt mycket lärorik och jag har fått upp ögonen för effektiv träning med korrekta rörelser/tempo på ett annat sätt både för mig själv och andra. Det har varigt intensivt ja, men med tanke på allt jag har lärt mig så är det bara positivt. De ända jag kan säga är att du som lärare har varigt väldigt bra logisk och demonstrerar övningarna bra. Jag har aldrig varigt på någon sådan här utbildning så jag jämför enbart med andra studier/lärare. Tack igen så ses vi imån 🙏💪😃

Anna Kristensson



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