Football performance program – Gold Package

4 250 kr

Gold Package



The program will first start with a 90min session which will take place at our custom made training centre in Gothenburg. On this first face to face meeting with the player we will go through an indepth atsessment and evaluation of his/her technical and physical abilities. Then I will go through a specific individual program that will be relevant for the players age, position, strengths and weaknesses. I must make very very clear that the workout program will be very specific for that individual in regards to how many sessions per week, sets, reps, exercises, rehab and prehab exercises, coordination drills and of course the position they play, this is the reason why the first meeting must take place face to face at our training centre where we have all the equipment to properly assess and evaluate the player.

Gold Package:
3 x 90mins face to face sessions ( Ideally once every 4 months )
Individual Nutrition Program
1x email contact every 4 months

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