I played football for 12 years from the age of 10-22 years old, after being looked upon as one of the hottest prospects in the country as a teenager, to not make the grade was a devastating blow to my character.

I walked in the wilderness for a couple of years, going from job to job, contemplating all sorts of things even suicide. Thankfully, my belief in God keep me going during those tough times. Also, the successes of my teenage years academically and athletically, instilled in me a deep sense of the struggle and sacrifice one has to make to achieve ones goals.

I remembered from my school days that I could run quite fast, so from the age of 24- 32, I dedicated my life to athletics. Listed below are some of my achievements in a career which took me around Europe.

Personal Bests

60 metres 6.83
100 metres 10.2 (wind assisted) / 10.40
200 metres 21.20

England Caps: 2
Regional Caps: 4
County Caps: 15
Canary Island Caps: 2

South/West England 100m gold
South/West England 200m gold

South/West England 100m silver
South/West England 200m gold
UK World Championship Trails 100m semi-finalist
UK World Championship Trails 200m Finalist 7th place

South of England 60m bronze

South West of England 100m gold

Canary Islands 60m gold
Spanish Olympic Games Trails 100m semi
Spanish Olympic Games Trails 200m semi

Swedish Championships 60m finalist 7th place
Canary Islands 100m gold
Canary Islands 200m gold
Spanish Championships 100m semi-finalist

Swedish Championships 60m finalist 6th place

60 meter 6.83
100 meter 10.2 (wind assisted) / 10.40
200 meter 21.20