Football performance program

For nearly 15 years now, I have been working with elite football as a football coach, strength and conditioning coach, mental coach, rehab/prehab coach and sports nutritionist. I have with top professional players, academy players from the top clubs in Sweden and abroad and players who play in the junior national teams of Sweden. The lack of resources is a major factor that leads to the majority of clubs not been able to provide the individual assistance that the players need. This individual assistance in regards to the technical, physical, nutritional and mental aspects and demands of the game should be available and implemented from the ages of 12-13 years old. So my online program will seek to address this imbalance by providing a unique online experience for players both boys and girls from the age of 12 years old to gain access to my development planthat will see the player improve dramatically their performance and personality both as a player and as a person.

The program will first start with a 90min session which will take place at our custom made training centre in Gothenburg. On this first face to face meeting with the player we will go through an indepth atsessment and evaluation of his/her technical and physical abilities. Then I will go through a specific individual program that will be relevant for the players age, position, strengths and weaknesses. I must make very very clear that the workout program will be very specific for that individual in regards to how many sessions per week, sets, reps, exercises, rehab and prehab exercises, coordination drills and of course the position they play, this is the reason why the first meeting must take place face to face at our training centre where we have all the equipment to properly assess and evaluate the player.

Once a package has been selected and purchased a player will receive two forms to fill in, a health declaration and player profile questionaire which will include a section on the current nutritional habits of the player. Again please be aware that this is a very specific and individualised service i am fully aware of the 1000s of exercises that exist on youtube but for me one needs to see the player and then prescribe the RIGHT program for that person at that particular stage of the players development. Once the initial assessment is completed the player and myself will have regular contact based on the package that has been purchased and of course in case of any emergency that may arise one can always contact me and I will get back to the you as soon as possible.


More Speed
More Power
More Explosive
Better Condition
Better Coordination and Balance
Prevention Of Injuries
Stronger Heart, Lungs and Skeleton
Stronger Muscles, Tendons and Ligaments
Faster Reflexes
Faster and Better Decision Making
More Concentration and Focus
Stronger Immune System
More Self Confidence
Improvement In Technical Skills
Improvement in Football Intelligence
Improvement In Footwork and Change Of Direction
Plus Much More

We have 3 different packages, based over a one year period, please read below for the price and what is included.


Silver Package: 2950kr
2 x 90mins face to face sessions (Ideally 6 months apart )
Individual Nutrition Program
1x email contact every 4 months

Gold Package: 4250kr
3 x 90mins face to face sessions ( Ideally once every 4 months )
Individual Nutrition Program
1x email contact every 4 months

Platinum Package: 7950kr
4 x 90mins face to face sessions (Ideally once every 3 months )
Individual Nutrition Program
1 x email contact every 3 months
2 x 15mins Video Call
Monthly Analyse of game/games ( Player sends over one of his/her games or highlights of all games played that month)

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Take Care

Your Coach
David Samuyiwa