My faith in God is my strongest belief and strength. This gives me substance, security and purpose in life.

In our current globalised world, Christianity can be looked upon as been outdated,manipulative and even dangerous.

My aim is to show people that the true essence of Christianity is not the pursuit of religious doctrine but the pursuit of love for all mankind. When Jesus was crucified on the cross some of his last words were “father forgive them they know not what they are doing” (Luke 23v34). This spirit of love and forgiveness personifies true Christianity.

Of course it can be tough when people attempt to betray you, make false accusations, lack honesty and integrity and are cruel, vengeful and hateful. That unfortunately is human nature, but with Gods spirit of love and forgiveness inside a person, we can overcome the natural desire for revenge and walk in love instead.

Through my ministry in The Time Is Now Ministries, i will aim to show that Christianity is current and practical not outdated, loving and peaceful not dangerous and corrective and moralistic not manipulative .

I will leave you with a verse of scripture.
Psalms 23v1: The Lord is my shepherd i shall not want!