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Half and fullseason package

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The sports performance packages are designed to maximise the talent and skills of the individual, trough incorporating an effective and scientific PERSONALISED strength and conditioning program that will help the individual become much better at their chosen sport.

With over 30 years of experience of working with sports people around the world. I have had the privilege to have trained athletes from beginners to elite level who participant in Football, Track and Field, Boxing, MMA, Wrestling, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Rowing, Tennis, Golf, Table Tennis, Horse-Riding, Volleyball and Triathlon.

I will take on both male and females starting from the age of 11 and all levels from beginners to elite. My focus will be to improve and develop the strength, power, speed, explosivity, conditioning, core stability, flexibility, coordination, balance, posture, running technique and nutrition of each individual. I will also incorporate mental training, injury prevention, fitness testing and fitness evaluations into each package.

Half season Package (approx 4-6months) 25 hrs Price: 22500sek
Full Season Package (approx 8-12months) 50 hrs Price: 39500sek

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